Take Care of your Crowning Glory


As we all know hair is known as our crowning glory and having the right cut, texture, color and the list goes on, is next to perfection. This is a fact for a lot of women and even for men. There are a wide variety of hair styles and hair treatments that anyone can choose from, and may vary depending on the preference. To be a hair expert you do not need to go to a Thai school or go to any Thai classes just know hair secrets. You simply have to know the basic things to understand how your hairs work. A healthy lifestyle is basically the answer to have a beautiful hair. Getting enough sleep, exercise and eating the right food is the key. Also, avoiding vices such as smoking, drinking and unnecessary drugs is the solution for a great hair. Other things to consider are the hair products that have alcohol or other hair damaging ingredients. This causes dryness to hair. The use of excessive heat can also damage your hair. Avoid using direct heat on hair regularly. Using a towel to dry hair beforehand is better than drying hair with a blow dry the whole time.

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