On Trial Hair Products

hair productsDoing all you can to supplement your budget such as getting a part-time job is an admirable thing to do. However, when it comes to joining product trials, whether you paid for it or you just get free hair products, you need to exercise extra caution because the amount you make or save now can be a lot less than what you will need to shell out in the future as a result of using the trial product.

Remember that when signing up for hair trial products you will be among the first human beings to ever try them. This means that many of the products’ side effects and their severity are still unknown. Side effects may vary from something as trivial yet irritating as dandruff to something more severe like hair loss. Even worse, it can lead to serious health problems in the long run skin cancer or some other unexpected issue. So before trying anything, at least find out what ingredients are included in the product and join the trial only after researching on the safety of those ingredients.

Image via Nick Nguyen

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