Doing Away with Shampoo

shower hair shampooWhen it comes to taking a shower, we’ve said before that the important part is the rinse. This is because hair products leave harmful residue on your hair that is one of the causes of dandruff. So what this means is that while your hair may smell good for the first few hours, you end up with a smellier scalp once you get sweaty and so making it necessary to wash you hair again. But what happens if you don’t use any shampoo at all?

While there is no large study on the effects of not using shampoo, there are people who actually shower without using any shampoo. Obviously, this is not a tack most people would take with their hair care regimen, but it does bear mentioning since those who have tried it seem generally pleased with the results. Some even go as far as saying that their hair actually feels softer after some time.

Note that Niall Doherty, one of those who has opted to stick to a shampooless routine was brave enough to quit his job and not even take on a part-time job to pursue his passion of traveling. So I guess you do have to be a rare breed to do ditch shampoo altogether. I for one would not dare to do away with shampoo and conditioner, but then that’s why we have different strokes for different folks right?

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