Hair Loss

Posted on: May 22nd, 2015


Normally, we lose about 100 hairs each day – old hairs fall out and are replaced with new ones. But with hair loss, hair thins at a rate that can’t be replaced. Falling hair not replaced by new ones can make a person bald or have bald patches. Hair loss can either be temporary or permanent. Changing hairstyle or shampoos used may ease the problem. But if that doesn’t help, a doctor may prescribe a drug to slow or stop hair loss and to aid hair growth. Hair is healthiest when we eat right, exercise, and protect it from too much sun.

Diabetes and Hair Loss

Posted on: May 15th, 2015


People suffering from diabetes do actually worry a lot not only because of the health risks of the disease, but also of its side effects and one of which is hair loss. It is important that you understand the main cause on why this happens so that you can find an effective treatment for this problem and only your most trusted physician can help you with that.

Hair loss and diabetes is actually a temporary problem that you can deal with. It can actually stop in a few months time or it can also worsen in the coming days. Don’t be afraid of your doctor to ask proper medication with your hair-related problem.

Hair Removal Options

Posted on: May 8th, 2015

leg waxWhile this blog is dedicated to finding better ways to protect your hair, we know first hand how irritating unwanted hair can be. Sure, we’ll do everything we can to protect our crowning glory, but when it comes to the hair on our armpits, legs, face, and bikini area we’d be more than happy to see the last of it. After all, shaving and plucking out all of that hair can feel like a part-time job with the rate at which they grow back.

If you’re tired of dealing with unwanted hair, you should realize that you have options aside from shaving and plucking. Waxing is a good option, although the hair will still grow back. Still, if you have your hair waxed at a salon, the whole process does not have to be as tedious as shaving; besides your hair will grow back a bit slower and with a finer texture. You can also opt for permanent hair removal which can be done in salons. The process takes several visits though, with the number of visits depending on the type of your hair.

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D-I-Y Hair Dying

Posted on: May 1st, 2015


Tired of your hair color? You can go to a salon and have your hair dyed by a professional colorist and pay tens of dollars or you can just buy a box of hair dye and color you hair at home. Coloring your hair at home can save you a lot of money. It is very simple, you just need to have all the materials needed in dying you hair and simply follow the step-by-step guide or instructions enclosed in the box of hair dye. A thing to remember is to dye your hair with a clean, dry, non-oily hair only. This is to ensure that the hair color or dye will stick to your hair and not be washed off easily. It’s important to wear gloves during the entire process to protect the hands from the chemicals. It is recommended to choose the color closest to your natural shade.

Alopecia (Hair Loss)

Posted on: April 24th, 2015


Losing up to 100,000 strands of hair every day is normal–old hairs do fall, and these are replaced by new ones. But not losing all! Losing all is an abnormal condition called alopecia. It becomes obvious when the rate of hair fall is more than the rate the hair is replaced. The person either becomes bald or have hair patches. When you see these happen, see a doctor immediately, before it is too late. The doctor may be able to prescribe drugs that could either prevent the condition, perhaps slow it down., or grow new hair. The hair is similar to the other parts of the bodies–one should have a healthy diet, if one wants to keep fit, and that includes your crowing glory–the hair. Also, keep your hair, as much away from the sun.

Diabetes and Hair Loss Treatments

Posted on: April 17th, 2015


When you follow the instructions given by your trusted physician, you have the ability to control diabetes and hair loss in a short span of time. Having a concrete understanding on how your body deals with its requirements is another way to assure that you can give your body the needed dose of medicines to take including minerals especially when you are suffering from hair loss and diabetes. Discipline is a must.

Having both hair loss and diabetes can really give one person a stressful moment that eventually leads to depression. Don’t lose hope we have some treatments available and don’t expect that everything will be fixed overnight. It takes a lot of time, effort and discipline.

Protein Helps in Hair Care

Posted on: April 10th, 2015


Our hair is composed of Kerotin, a type of protein. We can actually nourish our hair by eating foods that are somewhat high with protein. We do have a number of food available out there such as peanuts and almonds, eggs, oatmeal, lean meats, legumes, cottage cheese and whole grain bread.

All of the foods that I mentioned above have a big amount of protein. Unconsciously, the do contribute on avoiding future hair loss. It is also good to take supplements like Cod Liver Oil. It has fatty acids that are very helpful in the growth and strengthening of our hair.

Hair Extensions

Posted on: April 2nd, 2015


A woman’s hair is seen as a symbol of her beauty and personality. Women have been using hair extensions (weaves) to enhance the natural beauty and uniqueness of their hair. As more stars and celebrities begin to experiment with new hairstyles, hair weaves have become even more popular, as it is a relatively easy and noninvasive way to change your appearance. If you are considering adding a weave to your hair, it is important to look at your options and be aware of the different effects that certain hairstyles can have on your natural hair, and you take precautions to lessen the risks of damaging your hair and scalp.

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner

Posted on: March 26th, 2015

Shampoos and conditioners are made up of varying chemicals which could instantly damage one’s hair. This is an important reminder that everyone should always take note together with the need of understanding the limitations in usage of a particular product. It is always a must for one to use the right shampoo and conditioner. How can these be known? Hair professionals can help you with knowing which fits your hair type. There are now numerous types of shampoo and conditioner that are made for a specific hair type. This is why it is a must to know which is most appropriate to your hair condition because using something that is not, could lead to damaging the health of your hair. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to use that shampoo and conditioner that contain the least chemicals, those that are considered to be natural products. These, as well, costs cheaper but are believed to be more effective.

Iron Straight

Posted on: March 19th, 2015

2.jpgTo achieve a sleek, straight hair the fast way, a straightening iron is used. But everyday use can cause too much damage in the hair that will be difficult to repair in the future.
To prevent damage caused by straightening iron, it is advisable not to use them everyday. Lessening and reducing the heat applied to the hair will greatly minimize the effects and damages.
Straightening irons sold in the market today usually have a heat control that will let you control the amount of heat to style your hair with.
Use hair products that will protect your hair from the damages caused by a straightening iron. Let yourself get used to using a vitamin enriched hair product before using the iron.