Washing your hair the right way

Posted on: January 22nd, 2015


Do not use hot water for washing your hair; always use warm water for washing your hair. When you find excessive hair loss you should consult to your doctor or perhaps an experienced/specialist hair styler to find out the reason for hair loss and take proper treatment immediately. If you have dry hair then takes extra precaution to maintain your hair. Oily hair is not harmful but excess oil should be treated well to protect your hair. Take a balanced diet preferably protein rich foods, avoid oily or fatty food. Always keep your hair clean, dont allow dirt or dust to come in contact with your hair. Try not to take unnecessary medicines that might cause hair loss. A little care and attention to your hair can protect your hair from any diseases and hair loss. Depending on the type of your hair, i.e. dry hair, oily hair or normal hair you should maintain your hair.

Diabetes and Hair Loss Treatments Part II

Posted on: January 15th, 2015


We all know that diabetes is a disease that is not really curable, but we can control it. This simply means that even if you have diabetes, you can still live a normal life. Having hair loss due to the disease can be treated and you can still manage to get your look before you were diagnosed with hair loss if you have the right treatment as a solution to your problem.

A lot of patients with diabetes and hair loss was able to treat it successfully. What makes you an exemption anyway? All you need is to determine the right treatment you need and faithfully follow the instructions.

Deep Sleeping Helps

Posted on: January 8th, 2015


Did you know that sleeping habits do contribute on your hair’s health? Sleeping helps in growing and strengthening your hair. If you’d notice, sleep-deprived people often have bad hair days.

You must not take sleep for granted. Why don’t you start taking at least eight hours of sleep at night? Deep sleeping is very much recommended. You will notice that later on, your hair will grow stronger and longer. Why don’t you try to meditate for at least fifteen minutes before you go to bed? It actually helps in clearing your mind and gets you ready for a good, long sleep.

Straightening iron care

Posted on: January 1st, 2015

Image Source: cachebeauty.com

Any heat source applied to the hair can cause damage to it. Straightening irons are a popular hair tool used to turn wavy or curly hair into straight and smooth style without the use of chemicals. But using it every day can cause hair damage that is far more difficult to correct.

To protect your hair from Straightening Irons, don’t use it every day. Try natural styles and refrain from using it. Reducing the amount of heat applied can work wonders as it minimize damage? Most popular straightening irons have heat control which enables you to select the heat settings you think will give you the best results but start from the lowest first.

Choose one of the many hair products that will work to protect your hair from heat. These products are vitamin enriched to minimize the damage of straightening iron.

Split Ends: A Problem?

Posted on: December 25th, 2014

4.jpgThere are a lot of ads of shampoo and conditioners that says they can fix split ends, but there really is no cure from split ends but to cut them off. Women who plan on growing their hair long find this as a problem.
A good way to prevent having split ends is to prevent your hair from drying out and giving your a hair a regular trim. Ageing and dry hair are brittle and thus more prone to breakage. Split ends can’t be avoided. Hair experts suggest to have a regular trip to the salon every 6-8 weeks for a trim.

Control Dandruff

Posted on: December 18th, 2014


Dandruff–everyone hates it! It is thus very important to prevent, or control dandruff, which may be due to hormonal changes, infrequent shampooing, use of greasy products, stress, anxiety, dry winter days, or a condition called psoriasis.

In all the above cases, dandruff may be prevented or cured. Use a shampoo that suits your condition. If the shampoo you initially bought does not make you happy, shop for another one. Change shampoo if you still do not find the right one for you. There are two common brands that work, Selsun Blue and Head and Shoulders. Use them alternately. Try coming up with a regular cycle, so that your scalp will not become habitual to only one active ingredient in the shampoo in use.

If you have a severe case of dandruff, seek professional help. Do not take advice and treatments from one who is not a professional.

Fighting Hair Loss with Good Health

Posted on: December 11th, 2014

People lose hair every day. In fact, the average person loses anywhere between 50 to 100 strands of hair on a daily basis. However, severe hair loss can be a real ordeal resulting in thinning hair, bald spots, and clogged shower drains.

With hair loss being such a widespread problem, you will find plenty of advice on how to deal with hair loss. Reasons for hair loss in women and in men are a much explored subject, with different products and treatments prescribed for each reason.

In many cases though, all you really need to do to address your hair loss problem is to live a healthier lifestyle because your health directly affects your hair. Stop stressing out over your IT exam passport problems or your love life. Eat more nutritious food. Exercise more. Practice good hygiene, including proper hair washing. You’ll find your hair loss minimized if you do the above, at least unless you are genetically predisposed to balding.

Image via Steve Johnson

Effects of washing hair

Posted on: December 4th, 2014

Washing one’s hair indeed leads to one feeling fresh and clean. Though, it is rarely the case that people are aware of the fact that too much washing of hair can damage one’s hair. How is this even possible? Over washing removes the natural oil produced by your scalp. This oil is essential in maintaining your hair healthy and if this is immediately removed, your hair will be restricted from absorbing its nutrients thus resulting to damages. This doesn’t end there. This damage can worsen if still, one chooses to over wash. The hair will then produce the so-called “over-produce oils” which cause that greasy, oily hair. With this, it is important to know that not all procedures that we regularly do to our hair contribute to its good health. Any procedure, no matter how simple it may be, as simple as washing one’s hair, could lead to disturbing damages that one may not instantly realize.

On Trial Hair Products

Posted on: November 27th, 2014

hair productsDoing all you can to supplement your budget such as getting a part-time job is an admirable thing to do. However, when it comes to joining product trials, whether you paid for it or you just get free hair products, you need to exercise extra caution because the amount you make or save now can be a lot less than what you will need to shell out in the future as a result of using the trial product.

Remember that when signing up for hair trial products you will be among the first human beings to ever try them. This means that many of the products’ side effects and their severity are still unknown. Side effects may vary from something as trivial yet irritating as dandruff to something more severe like hair loss. Even worse, it can lead to serious health problems in the long run skin cancer or some other unexpected issue. So before trying anything, at least find out what ingredients are included in the product and join the trial only after researching on the safety of those ingredients.

Image via Nick Nguyen

Use of Nioxin Actives

Posted on: November 19th, 2014


Nioxin Actives–these are formulated for people who do not color their hair or treat them with chemicals. It has a varied list of products that help people with thinning hair treat their problems or help people prevent the thinning of hair through deep cleansing the harmful hormones. This will prevent environment build up, which in the process lead to thinning hair for both men and women.

Here are some popular Nioxin Actives: Bionutrient Actives Cleanser, Bionutrient Actives Treatment, leave in conditioner and Bionutrient Active Scalp Therapy.