Milk Weed the Wonder Plant

Posted on: October 22nd, 2014

milkweed2New studies into the efficacy of the lowly milkweed plant which covers a wide variety of plants considered to be succulents including euphorbias and others are proving to be a good source of cancer fighting extracts for use in shampoos, conditioners and many other health care products. The effects of the extracts were so miraculous, it is being hailed as the next wonder cure for cancer and prevention of the debilitating disease. Milkweed as a plant is deadly when ingested for it contains cardenolides, a deadly substance for both livestock and humans. The research into the effectivity of the plant as the next generation source for products that are valuable have been stepped up for commercial production and should start trickling into the market in the coming years.
Milkweed has been found to be a good anti-bacterial, sunblock (UVA and UVB) plus the anti-cancer abilities that is effective even on drug resistant variants. Shampoos and conditioners are being developed to bring out all these traits making one good all natural product that would help protect your hair from the rigors of daily life.

Hair serum

Posted on: October 15th, 2014

Hair serums are selling like hot cakes in the market. This is because of the increasing symptoms of sun damage the hair is being exposed to every day. The best kind of hair serum coats the hair with sun protection. Yes there is such a thing as sun block for your hair. In fact, it is a popular treatment form Hollywood celebrities. It must be noted that the hair is the part of the body which suffers direct contact from the sun. Having said this, it is only natural that it gets damaged pretty badly. Over exposure to the sun can cause the hair to be dry and brittle. This is where hair serum comes in, it provides a second layer so that the hair does not have to be the first line of defense against the sun. Lets just say that the hair serum acts like some kind of an umbrella.

Greening Lowly Hair Bleach

Posted on: October 8th, 2014

Many people who follow fashion trends resort to using hair bleach to attain the look of their favorite fashion idols. But there is a nasty side to hair bleach that makes it a very polluting beauty product, it most surely contains hydrogen peroxide a highly reactive chemical. This active ingredient is responsible for the many cases of hyper-sensitivity due to it’s very chemical nature to which the skin or scalp can react. There is however some good news coming, for Japanese scientists are developing a green hair dye that contains no hydrogen peroxide but instead uses a derivative from a sort of fungus that is more commonly known as white rot, a fungus that is the bane of wooden structures all over the place. Apparently, this fungus contains enzymes that eats up melanin, the natural pigment that gives our skin and hair the color it has.

Hair Extensions

Posted on: October 1st, 2014


A woman’s hair is seen as a symbol of her beauty and personality. Women have been using hair extensions (weaves) to enhance the natural beauty and uniqueness of their hair. As more stars and celebrities begin to experiment with new hairstyles, hair weaves have become even more popular, as it is a relatively easy and noninvasive way to change your appearance. If you are considering adding a weave to your hair, it is important to look at your options and be aware of the different effects that certain hairstyles can have on your natural hair, and you take precautions to lessen the risks of damaging your hair and scalp.

Hair Setting Gel Warning

Posted on: September 24th, 2014

hairgelMany love hair gel mainly because it is cheap and it works well to keep the style you desire all day. There is however a very dangerous side to using it that a quick scan of the ingredients/components section(if there is one) located at the back level in the teeny-tiny print. You’ll find some nasty industrial chemicals that are within such as formaldehyde or embalming fluid, propylene glycol or anti-freeze and other industrial chemicals that may be causing your excessive hair fall lately. Manufacturers will swear on the safety of their products and say the quantities are so minimal to pose a serious threat to your health. But formaldehyde is formaldehyde so try to read labels before getting stuff blindly for you are how you shop. Imagine having a crown of healthy embalmed hair and scalp just because its cheap!!!

Protecting the Hair from Overwashing

Posted on: September 17th, 2014


If you are not the type of person who uses a lot of gunk and chemicals for your hair, you really are not in need of a shampoo that deeply cleanses. A perfect product to use would be a baby shampoo since it would less likely irritate your scalp.

There are different kinds of conditioners for different types of hair. Use a conditioner to prevent further damage of your hair.

Towel-drying will break the strands of the hair. Instead of scrubbing, blot your hair to dry.

Wet hair is fragile than dry hair. Use a wide-tooth combed to detangle your hair when wet.

Summer Loving

Posted on: September 10th, 2014

5.jpgThe harmful rays emitted by the sum can do great damage to the hair. UVA and UVB rays damage the hair by burning the hair cuticle and damaging the scalp that is not protected.
To avoid such damage, you can start by avoiding going outside between 10 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon where the sun’s rays are harmful the most. Have your hair protected and covered if you need to go outside during this time.
Have a deep conditioning treatment to the salon, along with a trim to prevent split ends during the hot months of summer.

Protect your hair from the sun

Posted on: September 3rd, 2014

The sun’s rays have a very damaging effect on our body. The ultraviolet rays that the sun emanates can damage our skin and with prolonged exposure can actually burn the skin. In fact, prolonged sun exposure can be one of the causes of skin cancer.
Our hair is no different. The sun’s rays can also damage our hair. The same rays that can burn our skin can also do a lot of harm to our hair. That’s why we also need to protect our hair. There are many products out there right now that are designed to protect the hair from the sun’s rays. Use these products if you are planning to go out in the sun for an extended period of time.

Trim Long Hair

Posted on: August 27th, 2014


Women tend to hold on to their hair in for so many reasons. Some can’t see themselves with short hair and think that they look more attractive with long locks, some even cling to it for sentimental reasons. Whatever the reason is, one should always keep it healthy. On average, hair grows at the rate of 1.25cm per month. What people fail to realize is that the longer your hair is, the higher the chance that your hair is getting damaged. Are you starting to get split ends? Does it feel like its thinning out? Is it getting dry? These are just some signs of unhealthy hair. One way to treat this is to trim your hair. Hair should be trimmed every 8 weeks. (two months) Before you disagree, you should know that you are only getting rid of the most damaged part of your hair. Leaving room for healthier virgin hair to grow. You should also be more comfortable to know that trimming your hair make hair grow faster.

Hair Problem: Dandruff

Posted on: August 20th, 2014


Dandruff – dead skin flakes – are noticeable in a person’s hair and on clothing. The real cause of dandruff is unknown but studies seem to show that it may be caused by a type of fungus.

It isn’t contagious but at times embarrassing. Shampoos containing salicylic acid, zinc, tars, or selenium sulfide can reduce dandruff flakes. Scrubbing your hair with your fingers for at least 5 minutes will loosen the flakes. Then rinse your hair well after washing. When this procedure fails, see your doctor for a prescription shampoo and possibly a lotion or liquid to rub into your scalp.